PMGC 2022: Match results and updated points table Day 1

Aleena Zafar
Jan 07

Day 1 of the Grand Finals of PMGC 2022 began with an exhibition match (played in Solo mode), where all the 64 players fought to take home $3000. Soulless from Fireflux Esports emerged as the winner.

The main matches followed the exhibition match. Each of the six matches witnessed intense gunfights, rotation clashes, and tactical gameplay from the best teams. While the Brazilian teams had great outings, some heavyweight teams lagged behind, performing below par.

The Chicken Dinner winners of the six matches (Grand Finals Day 1) are listed below:

🔸Match 1 - Erangel - DRS Gaming (13 kills)

🔸Match 2 - Miramar - INCO Gaming (10 kills)

🔸Match 3 - Sanhok - Alpha 7 Esports (14 kills)

🔸Match 4 - Erangel - Influence Rage Chemin Esports (9 kills)

🔸Match 5 - Miramar - Fireflux Esports (13 kills)

🔸Match 6 - Erangel - IHC Esports (10 kills)

Fans of the host country (Indonesia) will hope that their favorite team manages to have a better show on Day 2 of the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals.

Furthermore, all eyes will be on the defending champions Nova Esports (known to stage great comebacks), who are eyeing to become the first team with a hattrick of title wins.

Which one is your favorite team? Comment below

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