Arlott buffed

Frenzy Official
Jan 07

Advance server UPdate : Arlott
2nd skill buffed

2nd skill
. Added new effect on his 2nd skill

. Arlott will now be Unstoppable when his 2nd skill is casted

Means that if Arlott has casted his 2nd skill then it will certainly hit its target no matter what (except for certain situations)

Example :
If Khufra is using his 2nd skill "Bouncing Ball" and Arlott have casted his 2nd skill on Khuf then it will still hit Khuf without getting Airborned.

It is NOT a CC immune skill but rather an effect that render Arlott's 2nd skill to be a "Can't Be Interrupted Skill" similar to Terizla's 2nd skill and Edith's 1st skill.


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