[PMGC] Birth of New Champion

Jan 08 · Moderator

With the amazing consistency showed by S2G eSports, it is undoubtedly that they is THE NEW PMGC Champion, dethroning the two-times champion,Nova eSports.

Congratulations to S2G eSports for becoming the new world champion,and thank you to GeekFam, AlterEgo Limax,Buriram,and Vampire that tried to bring back the trophy back to SEA. Thanks for your hard work!

Kudos to DRS Gaming who is the runner up of the tournament, they're definitely put their names on top and won't be a Dark horse but will be the champion contender for next PMGC (If they qualified that is).

Thank you for all teams for performing at their best, this is definitely one of the best global PUBG Mobile tournament ever been held so far. Good games everyone see you in the next tournament 😊

(Are you all surprised by the results in this tournament?)

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