Mobile Legends tank Chou guide: Best build, emblems, battle spell, combos

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Jan 09

Chou is the most popular fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He has a gap closer, a reliable stun, an escape ability, and the necessary numbers that make him a top tier pick in any game.

He’s so versatile that he can be used as a roamer. One big fan of tank Chou is none other than Mohamad Zul Hisham Bin “Xorn” Mohd Noor, an MLBB pro player from Malaysia.

The hero has a high skill ceiling, and mastering him requires dedication. According to Xorn, you’ll need to play around 200 games to master Chou’s skills and combos.

Learn how to play tank Chou in this comprehensive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guide with tips and tricks from the pro.

After every 8 yards Chou moves, his next basic attack will deal 180% of damage and shortly slow enemies by 80%.

Chou throws a forward punch on each skill cast, dealing physical damage to enemies hit, up to 3 times. The 3rd attack will knock nearby enemies airborne.

Chou dashes forward, becoming immune to control effects during the dash. After the dash, Chou increases his physical penetration by 15 and obtains a shield for 2s.

Chou casts a roundhouse kick to knock back enemies and deals physical damage.

Use again: Chou will chase up the enemies in the air, dealing at least 400 physical damage.

The recommended battle spell to take on Chou is Flicker. The reason is that it synergizes well with his skills, and can help you set up plays with Jeet Kun Do and The Way of Dragon.

Also, it adds mobility to Chou’s arsenal of skills, making him one of the most mobile roamers in the early game. Tank Chou’s strength is his crowd control, and getting close to your enemies is a must, whatever it takes.

Chou can be played with two different emblems, depending on your playstyle. Go for a tank emblem if you want to play it safe and keep up your durability in team fights.

Geek Fam’s Xorn also mentioned that if you are feeling confident and you want to make excellent plays with tank Chou, support emblem is the way to go for advanced players.

As for tank Chou’s best build, Xorn states that common tank items such as Antique Cuirass and Athena’s Shield are a must if you want to survive the longest in battles.

In certain situations however, Xorn recommends building a War Axe as an offensive option. According to him, Chou is naturally tanky, and building him with a few offensive items wouldn’t hurt.

A common combo for tank Chou would be to activate the first two hits of Jeet Kun Do, then move forward with Shunpo.

Once you are near to your target, use Jeet Kun Do’s stun, then place yourself at the back of your target with Shunpo. You can then use the Way of the Dragon, and kick your opponent towards your allies.

Xorn advises you to keep practicing to perfect the execution of Chou’ kit and, be aggressive all the time. Chou is a very strong early game hero, and getting ahead before the enemy gets their core items will do wonders in the match.

Invading the enemy jungle at the first minute is also advisable, provided that the enemy team doesn’t have any aggressive tanks such as Tigreal or Khufra.

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