If you want to win you should instalock Gloo in rank right now, M4 proves

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Jan 09

If you’re looking for an EXP lane hero who will carry you to Mythical Glory this season, this once-overlooked tank hero is here to do just that.

That hero is none other than Gloo, the Swamp Spirit. From being the least-played hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to suddenly becoming a priority pick at the M4 World Championship, he is undoubtedly shaking up the meta right now.

According to MLBB stats, Gloo was either picked or banned 26 times out of 27 games in the M4 group stage, becoming the fourth most sought-after hero in four days of competition.

In rank, he is the most banned hero in Legend rank and above, with a whopping 65.9% ban rate. At the same time, he also holds the highest win rate at 60.69%.

Many marksman heroes were buffed in patch 1.7.44, alongside Gloo. Here are all the changes he received.

Skill 1 – Slam, Slam

Skill 2 – Pass, Pass

Ultimate – Split, Split

The highlight of these changes is his first skill, Slam Slam. It now scales with max HP and restores 3% max HP upon denotation.

This is a game changer for Gloo, as building HP items now drastically improves his main damaging skill.

Before this patch, players had to make a choice on whether to build magic items and become an easy prey in team fights, or defensive items, in which he’ll do absolutely no damage

Blacklist International’s Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap had the best performance with Gloo in the group stage.

On this hero, he was a reliable frontline and opened up opportunities for Kiel “OHEB” Soriano’s Wanwan and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario’s Barats in team fights.

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