Do the impossible! Learn how to succeed on Jungle Grock, like KarlTzy at M4

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Jan 09

Who could have thought that one of the best assassin players in MPL PH could pull off a unique Jungle Grock pick?

ECHO’s Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno, who’s known for his expertise on assassin heroes such as his signature Lancelot, surprised fans after locking in a tank hero in their first game against Malaysia’s Team HAQ.

It was a tough matchup, for he went up against Muhammad “Garyy” Syafizan’s Dyrroth, a fighter who has the capacity to burst down tanks in a 1v1.

Still, the 18-year-old had one of the best performances on Grock in the knockout stage, with the team eventually winning the series in a thrilling 3-2 score to qualify for the upper bracket semifinal.

In the drafting phase, ECHO picked heroes who are strong in the early game, such as Pharsa and Chou, to help Grock clear the jungle faster while protecting him from potential jungle invades.

The strategy was a success, as Team HAQ’s Hilda, one of the best jungle invaders in the game, wasn’t able to pressure KarlTzy in the first three minutes.

After taking down the first wave of jungle creeps, he spent a significant time in the gold lane, putting up Guardian Barriers and helping Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales’ Karrie get a few kills.

He also built defensive items, becoming the main frontline for the Filipino squad, sacrificing his damage output in the process.

His Guardian Barrier and Wild Charge skills were enough to help the main damage dealers of ECHO thrive. This was evident at the 23-minute mark when he stopped two members of Team HAQ from recalling, which turned Bennyqt’s sneaky split push into victory.

KarlTzy prioritized HP regeneration items such as Guardian Helmet and Radiant Armor before building Queen’s Wings and Bruteforce Breastplate. In the late game, he went for Immortality for extra survivability and the resurrection passive.

With the win, ECHO will next face MPL ID Season 10 champion ONIC Esports in the upper bracket semifinal on January 12 at 7 p.m. GMT+8.

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