5 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang assassins who are surprisingly good in team fights

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Jan 09

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the assassin is typically the main damage dealer in the game.

As such, to avoid instant death, assassins tend to wait for the perfect opportunity to enter a fight, for dying early could spell disaster for your team.

Surprisingly however, there are some assassin heroes that are effective in initiating team fights even though they have less health compared to tanks and fighters, who are traditionally the initiators.

Here are five assassin heroes you can use to start a high risk, high reward team fight in your ranked game.

Lancelot ranks as one of the best assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and is a popular pick in both casual and competitive play.

What makes Lancelot perfect for initiating team fights is his first skill, Puncture. Upon lunging at an enemy hero, Lancelot leaves a sword mark. This skill then refreshes its cooldown as long as an enemy is inflicted with the mark.

With practice, an expert Lancelot will be able to swoop in a team fight with Puncture and avoid lethal damage with a well-timed Thorned Rose and Phantom Execution.

One of the hardest assassins to master in the game, an experienced Fanny player will always leave you speechless.

Fanny has the ability to quickly enter and leave team fights with her second skill, Steel Cable, all while dealing damage with her first skill, Tornado Strike.

The more cables you see on the map, the harder it is for any one to stop her. Her ultimate, Cut Throat, can also burst almost any enemy hero with full marks.

Hanzo may not be a popular pick in the current meta, but there’s no denying just how effective he is at initiating team fights.

Hanzo is a unique assassin because of his ultimate, Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja. This skill basically sends a demon to fight for him, leaving his physical body behind the area where you casted it.

This demon has a different set of skills designed to burst down enemy heroes. The good thing about this ultimate is that Hanzo won’t die even if the demon is slain. The only thing that happens is that he gets stunned for a short duration.

If you really want an assassin who thrives in chaos, Helcurt is your best bet. His ultimate, Dark Night Falls, reduces the vision of all enemy heroes wherever they are on the map for a whopping 3.5 seconds.

Once blind, he can pounce on an enemy with lightning speed and secure an easy kill with Deadly Stinger.

Now is the best time to try out the hero, for he recently received a huge buff in patch 1.6.50 which improved all his damaging skills, making him a solid pick in high level play.

Unlike most assassins in the jungle role, Natalia is best suited as a roamer. She has the ability to conceal herself and catch unsuspecting enemy heroes without them knowing.

She can also affect multiple enemies with her second skill, Smoke Bomb, which slows enemy caught in the blast.

Really good Natalia players would find opportunities to enter the backline during a battle to pick off the enemy carries, or targets who have low HP.

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