[PMGC] What happened China?

Jan 10 · Moderator

With PMGC came to an end,it is a good time to analyze what happened in the tournament, most specifically, what happened to the Chinese teams.

PMGC is a end year tournament for PUBG Mobile Esports where the best of the world comes together to be the one, China is among one of the regions that people looked up to as they had their own tournament which no less prestigious than PMGC itself, also not to forget, PMGC trophy had been brought to China twice!!! Since it began.

So that brings the question, what exactly happened? Well first of all based on my speculation,most of the teams are trying to cut down Chinese teams, naturally as China won PMGC twice, which means their rotation, play style, circle entry time, etc all had been studied by many global teams if not copied.

China teams are not weak in this tournament and they put up a good fight, a really good fight, it just that global teams has started to catch up to them ever since the last time they showed up.

Another factor is, China teams don't really have much exposure to teams outside Asia, most of times when they playing outside their region, it's either against PMPL SEA teams or PMPL SA teams,which is more about firepower compared to tactical like in the west.

Think about it,Nova China had sent their players to Nova NA teams,but until now,they haven't even qualified to PMGC and stuck on their own region. It's just that global teams adapt and improve while China teams refine what they have. That's the difference and the reason for their fall.

Do you agree with my reasoning about their fall?

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