Daily Topic: Which is the best hero in terms of their lore

Jan 11

There are a lot of posts recently talking about the heroes’ skills or whatever. However, today I want to put this topic aside. I wish to ask, if anyone would ever look at the heroes’ background story and decided to train hard for certain heroes for their background story. Today, I wish to talk about my top 3 in terms of this category.

<<3rd: Karrie>>

Congratulations for winning the 3rd place.😂 Yes she was in the 1st place before but because of some relatively newer heroes, I decided to put her at this spot. As we all know that she’s an alien , her story talks only about her species type and how her people see her. Her story mentioned that because she’s a talented girl so her parents forced her to go through hard trainings and fight for her nation. However, she trained so hard that she has lost sense of everything, including pain. She fights so hard for her people, and she is able to fight against all the others whose body is larger than hers. Because she’s the strongest person in the nation , she eventually become a leader. she once fell into unconsciousness during a battle and was saved by a phospert, and she decided to go to land of dawn to find the truth about if her nation will be destroyed. In her story, we can tell that she’s strong willed but also the side that she has been put pressure on, which resembles the teenager’s struggles nowadays.

<<2nd: Cecilion & Carmilla>>

Congratulations!😂 we all know that Cecilion and Carmilla has a heartbreaking love story and i don’t think that i need to mention it once again😂. I love their story so much because Carmilla is so in love with Cecilion that she would sacrifice herself for him. Their story can be heartbreaking, but heartwarming at the same time. Everyone tried so hard to separate them but they’re still there with each other no matter what will happen. Relationship has been a hard thing because not everyone is supportive to every kinds of relationships. For example, my family and friends are against my relationship but what should i do? Just break up with my boyfriend because of the others? I don’t care! I love him and I will stay with him no matter what will happen, and the relationships had maintained for almost 4 years. The story also teaches us that those who are in a relationship should never break up with your loved ones just because the others opposed it.

<<1st: 4saken Light (Yin, Melissa, Xavier & Julian>>

Yes it’s the 4 people who are getting the jujutsu kaisen skins!😂 I love their dynamic so much and also Julian’s back story!! The 4 people are dealing with their own problems but they’re here for each others. Even they’re forgotten by the others, they will never be forgotten by each others. They helped each others with their life and emotions. Among these 4 I love Julian so much that I spent a lot of effort on practising him, and luckily my efforts paid off. Also, Julian is so cute in the battlefield and he’s my cute meow meow😂

Anyways, these are my favourite characters and what about you? Do you also have a favourite character based on their backgrounds story? please tell me in the comment section

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