8 Play Store apps steal bank account passwords and money!

Jan 11

There are hundreds of thousands of apps accessible for customers to download and utilise on both the iOS and Android platforms. ThreatFabric, a security organisation, just discovered a new type of viral software masquerading as eight apps in the Google Play Store; if you download these apps, you may steal the user's bank account password and take their money!

According to the research report published by the information security company, a malware known as [SpyNote (aka SpyMax)] combined with a Trojan horse virus can track users' GPS locations, eavesdrop on users' calls, and steal the video and audio on the device, as well as intercept SMS messages and steal the two-step login verification code, which may be visible to others without the user's knowledge.

ThreatFabric discovered that the most recent version of "SpyNote.C" adds the capability to disguise programmes in order to collect user information by imitating financial institutions such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and others. It can also impersonate WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Play, and other well-known applications to deceive people into downloading them.

These are the eight apps that ThreatFabric discovered SpyNote mimicking.

1) Bank of America Confirmation
4)Current Activity
5)Deutsche Bank Mobile
6)HSBC UK Mobile Banking
7)Kotak Bank
8)Virtual SimCard

If you have downloaded any of the above applications on your mobile device, remember to delete them immediately to prevent the theft of sensitive data.

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