[PMGC] Where to next ? uHigh

Jan 11 · Moderator

uHigh with GeekFam in PMGC, managed to make a personal achievement by being the Top 4 terminator in this prestigious tournament. In the past two tournament, though he played the game pretty well, he didn't get any title or sort.

uHigh was also once the top terminator in PMPL MY (Formerly MYSGPH) for 4 season straight despite not playing in Season 4. (only to be topped by DamRude in Season 5) He is definitely the best fragger Malaysia has to offer and will always keeps improving.

With PMGC end and GeekFam contract with uHigh ended,one does question if uHigh will go back to PMPL ID as there were rumours that uHigh and Ryzen will both go back to BTR RA.

What do you think about the Ryzen and uHigh combo? Will it bear fruits this time?

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