The Egyptian rulers 🤴🏻 | 2022 PMNC EG

Jan 12

It's been a while we talked about PMNC, since PMGC got in the way. But with a few more regions about to end their iterations of PMNC later this month, we have 1 more region that I didn't get to cover at the earliest of time due to the event having no proper posting on their socials - but now I think I have most data and ready to share it with you guys and that is the PUBG Mobile National Championship Egypt (PMNC EG) 2022!

(Source: PUBG Mobile Esports Africa)

The PMNC EG started with registrations from Nov 15th - Dec 4th and immediately followed with the Qualifiers on Dec 6th - 10th. 58 teams qualified into the Group Stage and was joined by 6 teams from PMCO 2022 on Dec 14th - 20th for 14 slots to the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals took place on Dec 30th as a LAN event at the Cairo International Velodrome in Egypt. 16 teams (14 from Group Stage & 2 from PMPL Arabia 2022) battled in 6 matches for a total prizepool of $30,000 USD and 3 slots to 2023 PMPL Africa!

(Source: Liquipedia PUBG Mobile)

In the end, Bring Death won the championship with only a 2pts difference to 46 LOOT and 11pts from TIMEOUT EGYPT in 3rd, and all these 3 teams have won their slot to play in 2023 PMPL Africa! Did you also know that these teams are entirely new names coming into 2023 PMPL? As Team RA'AD and KURD 12 were not able to make the final cut.

(Source: PMNC Egypt VOD)

A few more PMNCs to go before we truly close the 2022 season, until then - see you soon👋🏻

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