Transfer Window Now Open 🔁 | PMPL 2023

Jan 13

As we leave 2022 behind us, it's time to look forward to 2023! What else is more exciting than the beginning of PMPL 2023 - especially for our region getting its own standalone league: PMPL MALAYSIA 🇲🇾🤩

After 6 seasons of sharing with Singapore (2 of them with Philippines as well), Malaysia is now going solo and will feature teams solely from Malaysia! Singapore and Philippines will join Myanmar and Cambodia in the brand new PMPL SEA WILDCARD! All of these information was announced at the 2022 PMGC Grand Finals previously.

Furthermore, the official TRANSFER WINDOW (please ignore the typo from the social media admin💀) starts today (Jan 13th) and is predicted to end by early February. During this period, the teams management can exchange, add-in or remove players from their active rosters to participate in the upcoming 2023 PMPL Spring - this should also apply to other SEA country leagues as well.

Which player will transfer to which team? Stay tuned for the announcements coming down the coming weeks. It's gonna be hot 🫣🔥 Also, a little birdie told me that 2023 PMPL Spring in Southeast Asia is expected to begin in mid-February 👀

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