Daily Topic : How to counter Yve in current patch?

Jan 13

Lets talk about countering Yve in this current meta and patch.

Yve back into the meta after M4 World Championship teams regularly pick this hero as Midlaner. And her impact of war is really strong until it was considered to be banned in draft phase and in rank it was almost all the time are banned.

Why Yve is a top pick? Well its because she is one of the hero that can greatly slow enemy and because of her Real World Manipulation (Ultimate) that gives her a big square zone with a lot of damage based on tap on the squares or slide, has Immobilze effect for 0.3 sec if enemy tries to go outside the zone or entering the zone, gives her shield based on her stack and has Displacement Immunity (such as knockup, knockback, and pull), making her one of the best followup or initiate hero for Midlaner..

So how we going to fight Yve?

I will present 3 hero that can counter Yve.

1. Diggie

Diggie one of the best counter if you wanna get out or save ur teammate from Yve ultimate. His Time Journey (Ultimate) will be a huge help to fight or helping ur teammate get away from Yve.

2. Franco

Franco also one of the great counter for Yve as her Real World Manipulation (Ultimate) can be canceled by Franco's Bloody Hunt (Ultimate). As his ultimate can gives Suppressed CC that can cancel Yve's ultimate.

3. Kaja

Kaja also has Supressed CC that is His Ultimate Divine Judgement that can cancel Yve's Ultimate. Plus his passive that is Wrath Sanction also can reduce total damage that Yve could give. Making Yve overall damage reduced to certain percentage amount.

What you guys think? Have more hero to suggest? Comment down below.

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