PUBG Mobile: Carrilho leaves Alpha7 Esports

Aleena Zafar
Jan 15

In an unexpected turn of events, Brazilian PUBG Mobile superstar Carrilho announced his departure from Alpha7 Esports after being a part of the organization's roster for nearly two years. After an official announcement on January 14, 2023, this news came as a shock to many fans as the team recently achieved third place in the PMGC 2022, presenting itself as one of the best squads in the world.

Alpha7 announced Carrilho's departure on their official social media handles, which read:

"We came through this, to announce the departure of Lucas “Carrilho” Miguel, who is no longer part of the PUBG Mobile team from Alpha 7 for 2023. The player and the organization reached an agreement amicably and considered the best way out, the team's dismissal."

Directly addressing the player himself, the organization added:

"We would like to thank you for the services provided to Alpha7. It took two years to work uninterruptedly and conquer important titles such as the PMPL Brazil and the Americas, in addition to the PMWI and the dispute of two consecutive world championships. Thanks Carrilho! We wish you much success in your career. Thank you Captain!"

What your about his decision? What you think his decision make any effect on Alpha7?

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