Samsung Galaxy S23's price announced!

Jan 15

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is ready to be unveiled, and huge revelations are continuing, including the entire pricing of this new flagship machine.

The first is the S23 pricing, which has 8GB RAM +128 and 256GB ROM versions. The 128GB version costs $799 (approximately RM3463), while the latter costs $849. (about RM3680)

Of course, exchange rates and price conditions vary by country, so the reference value of direct conversion from USD to RM is not that high, but the key is to look at the price comparison between the previous generation and the current generation, and the starting price of Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S22 is still USD 799.

The S23 Plus is available in 8GB RAM + 128 and 256GB ROM configurations, with the 128GB version selling for $999 (about RM4330) and the 256GB version selling for $1049 (about RM4547). The S23 Plus and S22 Plus have the same introductory pricing of $999.

The S23 Ultra costs $50 more than the S22 Ultra and comes in three versions: 8+256GB for $1,249 (about RM5414), 12+512GB for $1,349 (about RM5847), and 12+1TB for $1,499 (about RM6498). The S23 Ultra costs $50 more than the S22 Ultra, which is expensive, so it's hard to envisage a price drop.

Although the price of the S23 and S23+ does not seem to start, the S23 features are still somewhat neutered, it is understood that the Galaxy S23 will not support the Wi-Fi 7 function, but an S23+ will only have the configuration, not to mention that the S23 Ultra will use a higher lens and S Pen configuration, want to enjoy these exclusive configurations is afraid to pay. S23 Ultra will have better lenses and S Pen.

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