Updated Tier List for Jungler!!

Jan 16

These are the updated Tier List for Jungler based on my analysis. This is for current patch after some nerfs and buffs plus with pick, ban and successful in current meta hero picked from the teams from M4 World Championship.

There are few points about rating the heroes such as :
1. Objective (taking turtle/lord/tower)
2. Rotation
3. Functions
4. Damage
5. Ultility
6. Clearing Jungle
7. Adaptation towards current meta.

And this is the tier details.
S = Hard counter towards current meta hero and draft.
A = Usually pick for countering rotation or jungler or split push
B = Still ok, can carry if played well.
C = Not always a good choice but still available to use.
D = Worst ever.. winrate will always low

Do you agree with my tier list? What changes would you make? Share in the comments below!

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