PUBG Mobile: Get UC in new Red Packet Blessings event

Aleena Zafar
Jan 17

The new Red Packet Blessings event in PUBG Mobile is live and will be available until February 1. Players can navigate to the 'Events' tab and go through the ongoing event list until they find a new event. However, the selected Red Packet (amongst the four Red Packets available) can only be opened after January 29.

Although new events appear in the game from time to time, few offer players UC. The Red Packet Blessings event contains a Special Mission that will help players get 20 UC once they make a purchase of any amount. However, players must remember that the available 20 UC can only be redeemed once.

Meanwhile, users will need to complete specific events to get hold of BP and EXP, enabling them to open Red Packets later. These missions will refresh every day at (UTC + 0). Here's a look at the daily missions.
🔸Log into the game - 500 BP, 5 EXP
🔸Complete 1 Classic Mode match - 1000 BP, 10 EXP
🔸Eliminate 5 enemies in Classic Mode - 1000 BP, 10 EXP

The Red Packets will require EXP to upgrade to the next level (at an increasing rate) and will bestow the following cosmetics and items in a random order. Here's an overview of the items that are available for redemption:

Level 1: Two Supply Crate Scraps b
Level 2: 200 AG Currency
Level 3: One Lion Dance Space Gift
Level 4: Three Lion Dance Space Gifts
Level 5: 30-day time-limited Festive Meow Set

Furthermore, PUBG Mobile users who gather enough EXP to open the Red Packet multiple times will also be entitled to interesting rewards. Here's a look at them:
🔹500 openings - 30 UC Voucher
🔹150 openings - Two Classic Crate Coupon Scraps
🔹250 openings - Three Supply Crate Coupon Scraps
🔹350 openings - Three Classic Crate Coupon Scraps
🔹500 openings - Time-limited headgear

Gamers can also earn rewards by sending blessings to their in-game friends. However, they can only do so to a limited number of friends on a particular day.

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