Daily Topic: Is Aamon the easiest assassin?

Jan 18

Most of the new players always have a problem to choose an assassin to practice because their skill sets are too hard to understand and most of them needed fast reactions to be good. However, today I’m introducing Aamon to the new players and he’s relatively easier to use the the others.

I bought the starlight skin because I think I’m quite good at using him. My decision was right because the skin makes me perform better LMAO.

Aamon is a hero that relies on his ultimate burst. One of the tips from me is that you must play close attention to his shard numbers and cast it to squishy heroes when the shard numbers reached 12. His ultimate damage is explosive that the enemies’ tank may not be able to tank for it.

The reason why I say Aamon is an easy assassin is that he doesn’t really have a difficult dash skills. A lot of assassins like Gusion, Hayabusa and Fanny have some difficult mechanics to learn about but not Aamon. All you need to do with Aamon is just to go in with the conceal (skill2) , throw skill 1 for more shards and lower the enemies hp and get the kill from his ulti.

What do you think about Aamon? Do you think that he’s hard? Comment and let me know your thoughts!

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