Alpha Buffed

Frenzy Official
Jan 19

Advance server UPdate : Alpha
Passive & all skills has been adjusted

Passive (Beta)
. Beta "bouy" now will always deal True Damage whenever passive is triggered

. Beta's damage scales with level

1st skill
. Faster attack animation of Beta

2nd skill
. Hp regen :100 + 30% Extra Phy Atk >>
30% Extra Phy Atk + 3% Lost HP

. Alpha & Beta's damage is now merged

. Damage from 1st phase of Ult is now REMOVED

. Landing damage (2nd phase) :
200 + 80% Extra Phy Atk >> 250 + 100% Extra Phy Atk

Alpha is actually a wonderful Jungler on Official Server right now but quite a weak Exp Laner so I'm thrilled to see that Dev are finally paying some attention on him now🙌

Plus Alpha Tank build can viable now as a better option


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