Daily Topic | Worst Landing spots in Sanhok Map

Rendang daging26
Jan 19

In Pubg mobile nobody wants a bad start.if you wants to survive so these are my suggestion not to land on these spots.Three Worst landing Drop Places in the Sanhok Map.

✓Pai Nan
During Rank push Pai Nan is the worst spot in Sanhok because, we get caught up in the battle that's why we cannot move towards the Safe zone.

✓ Paradise Resort
The resort is located on the edge of the map.This spot is very dangerous for rank push players, because there is a high risk of encountering other players early on in the game that's why there is a very low chance of survival.

This area is often heavily contested due to its proximity to the center of the map and the abundance of loot available. It can be difficult to survive the initial landing and looting phase if too many players are in the vicinity.

What's your worst dop spot in Sanhok Map?

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