Transfer Rumours #6 SaneZ

Jan 19 · Moderator

After skipping the last PMPL, and GeekFam renouncing that their contract with him has ended. No one really know where he is going next, either focus on streaming or continue to be a pro.

SaneZ is among fan favourite when it comes to PMPL Players, boasting good looks and really good skill set as an all rounder player. Put any weapon on him, there won't be any that he won't be able to use.

Recently in SSS (Scrim Saja Saja) and KET Tournament, SaneZ can be seen playing with Team Haq players which questions if he will be replacement for Boyka who has announce his retirement as a player.

This certainly going to be a great addition to TeamHaq if it came true. Won't y'all agree?

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