PUBG Mobile veterans Zuxxy and Luxxy leave Bigetron Esports

Aleena Zafar
Jan 22

In a shocking turn of events, popular PUBG Mobile veterans and twins Zuxxy and Luxxy bid farewell to Bigetron Esports after being part of the organization for around five years. Both Indonesian superstars began their esports journey in 2018 playing for the aforementioned team and, over the years, have earned a massive fan following by winning a number of major events, including PMCO 2019 Fall Global Finals and World League East 2020.

To announce the duo's departure, Bigetron made an emotional post on its social media pages:

"It's time to say goodbye Bigetroopers, it's been five years since we've been together, and today we have to say goodbye to Luxxy and Zuxxy. At every meeting, there will be a farewell, and goodbyes hurt.... So many memories and stories."

The organization went on to thank Luxxy and Zuxxy for their contributions, saying:

"There have been many achievements, joys, sorrows, and togetherness that we have passed together. But today the time has come for us to part ways.... Thank you Luxxy and Zuxxy for all your contributions and hard work in various competitions together, Bigetron! See you next time opportunity, and good luck!"

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