A Fight Between Two DRAGONS?!

Frenzy Official
Jan 25

M5 Hero Skin Voting

1st round is finally over!!!

And at the top with 10 million vote is Our beloved Son of the Dragon Zilong!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

Will this ends up as a glorious fight between MLBB's two great Dragons🐉?

I hope sooo👹!!!

Well it could be the ultimate chance for Zilo to get a Real Solid revamp if he manage to win this event!

Or it could be YZ getting a well deserved real
M tier skin after being in the meta since his release?

Anything is good as long as these Two dragons wins this event❤️❤️👹

Anyway sad to say that Mathilda has the lowest vote result😔

Means that she will not get her chance to be in the next round.
(Mathilda was defeated astonishingly by Zilong with around of 8 million votes)

And finally if you ask me, I would say "Vote for the two DRAGONS!!!"


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