Qualifier to PMPL SEA Wildcard 🏅 | 2023 PMNC MM & KH

Jan 24

As we know, the newest pro league that is introduced for 2023 - the PMPL SEA Wildcard that will feature countries from Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore & Philippines will arrive soon! We know that PMNC SG 2022 has finished (without any livestream back in December) and the PMNC PH 2022 Grand Finals is coming this weekend. How would Myanmar and Cambodia send their best teams? Their PMNCs ended back in August as a qualifier into the APAC Cup.

Well its simple! They will have the 2023 PMNC: Myanmar & Cambodia (both events are exclusive to each other)!

Both national championships have had their registrations earlier this month (between Jan 13th - 22nd) and the qualifiers and group stages are either ongoing or about to start- of which will end by Jan 26th. Both PMNC's Grand Finals will run simultaneously on Jan 27th - 29th to find the Top 5 teams from each Myanmar and Cambodia to represent their nations in the upcoming 2023 PMPL SEA Wildcard Spring Split.

You can catch the upcoming actions on their official Facebook pages;
@PUBGMEsportsKH for 🇰🇭Cambodia

-and also their own respective Liquipedia pages that will be filled with the latest information;

Now we know 10 slots will be given to Myanmar and Cambodia, which means another 10 slots will be shared among Philippines and Singapore. But do we know the exact number? Will it be a 5-5 or will either country get slightly more? Stay tuned for more!

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