Transfer Window Closed 🔁🔐 | 2023 PMPL SPRING

Jan 25

With PMPL Spring 2023 coming in hot, one step towards the league - that is the Transfer Window within most of the SEA Country leagues have finally closed.

The Transfer Window in Malaysia has officially closed today (Jan 25th, 6pm), which means every team and organization has already locked their roster for the upcoming PMPL Spring Split. Although not all teams have announced their roster, it doesn't mean that transfer deals will happen beyond this date - It's just that teams have already decided their rosters and will announce as the league comes closer.

So far, only 1 team in Malaysia have announced their roster; which is SEM9 as announced previously. As for other teams, there have been a lot of migration, try-outs and ongoing rumors that have happened these past few weeks. Which news will become true? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more news and information on 2023 PMPL Spring in the coming weeks 👀🤏🏻

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