Daily Topic: Worst teammate that could be encountered

Jan 25

Have you ever thought that there are a LOT of toxic people in MLBB? Well, these are some examples of the worst teammate that can be met in game!

1. Toxic all the time

There are literally some people that can say uncivilised words even though we’re winning! They would even go to our album and attack us with all those slurs! I remember once I win a game alongside with some public and he even get a maniac for the game. He has nothing to lose but yet he called me a very ugly slur on my album! I really don’t get him ;(

2. Feeders

Some people would actually feed no matter what the situation is , is the worst among all the players! I once had a winning game but it was ruined by a random Zilong who fed someone to 0/18/4 and making our match a lose one :(

Which kinds of teammates are the worst jn your opinion? Please let me know in the comments!

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