Malaysia Launching PS5 DualSense Edge wireless controller

Jan 26

Sony released the high-performance PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge wireless controller last August. It has all the same features as the original DualSense controller, like haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, microphone, motion control, and more, but it also has new controls that can be changed, a replaceable joystick cap, and back buttons. The DualSense Edge can now be bought for RM999 in Malaysia.

The DualSense Edge wireless controller has a number of software and hardware-based customization options that let you make the controller experience fully your own.

  • Highly customizable controls: fine-tune the aiming by resetting the corresponding buttons or turning off certain button inputs, adjusting the sensitivity of the joystick and the blind spot (the distance the game moves before recognising the analogue joystick) to make a personalised DualSense Edge wireless controller. Also, each trigger button can be changed so that the button travel and blind spot are set to how the user wants them. For example, you can manually change the trigger travel to make it shorter for faster input in competitive FPS games or make the blind spot smaller for better throttle control in racing games.

  • There can be more than one control profile: Once you find the best control settings, you can save them in a profile so that you can switch between them quickly. With the DualSense Edge wireless controller, you can set game preference controls to use whether you're fighting Norse gods and monsters in God of War Ragnarok or another player in an online battle royale game.

  • Controller user interface: A dedicated Fn button makes it easy to change settings without taking your attention away from the game. You can quickly switch between preset control profiles, change the game volume and chat balance, and open the controller profile settings menu to set and test new control changes while you're playing.

  • Switchable joystick caps and back buttons: The standard, high dome, and low dome joystick caps let you play comfortably while keeping your grip and stability. There are two sets of back buttons (half dome and release lever) that can be swapped out and set to any other button input. This gives you more control over the important things.

  • Replaceable joystick modules: The controller's joystick modules can be replaced individually (replacement joystick modules are sold separately) to make the controller last longer.

  • Features of the DualSense wireless controller are built into the DualSense Edge wireless controller. For games that support it, these features include tactile feedback, an adaptive trigger, an in-built microphone, and dynamic control.

  • The DualSense Edge wireless controller comes with a joystick cap and back buttons, as well as a braided USB Type-C cable with a terminal housing that holds the controller in place so it doesn't slip out of place at important times. The DualSense Edge wireless controller and its parts fit neatly inside the case that comes with it. The controller can also be charged directly inside the case using the USB cable.

(For SE Asia) The DualSense Edge wireless controller for PS5 comes out on January 26 all over the world.
In Malaysia, the DualSense Edge wireless controller costs RM999 and the joystick module costs RM99. Both are now for sale at Sony Store Online Store, Sony Store Lazada, and Sony Store Shopee.

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