Daily Topic | Best Landing Spots in Sanhok Map

Rendang daging26
Jan 26

In PUBG mobile, everyone trying to get that sweet, chicken dinner. But to do that, you gotta land in the right spot.I just talked about the worst spots to land in a previous post, but now I'm gonna give you my top picks for the best places to drop in Sanhok Map.

Lakawi is a small town with a mix of buildings and open spaces, providing loot and cover.At this spot 2 or 3 bots come over there and you can also kill them.

✓ Tambang
A small town location in South west of Map.At this spot loots of places to hide, so there's usually plenty of loot and opportunities to surprise Enemy.There is the advantage for you is that, because this spot is located at height you can easily spot the enemy due to higher angle.

This spot is on the North East coast of the map.It has a good mix of buildings, which can provide lots of loot.There is less chance of the encounter with the enemy because this spot is located near hot Drop (Paradise Resort ) that's why less chance to concounter with enemy.

What's your favourite drop spot in Sanhok Map?

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