Suspiciously Only 300 Dias.

Frenzy Official
Jan 26

It is confirmed! February's Starlight Membership will only cost 300💎!!!

Maybe it is just for this February only
(I mean 300💎 is surprisingly cheap for a STARLIGHT tier skin🤔)

Anyway Saber's 2nd STARLIGHT Iron Hound will be the debut skin for the upcoming revamped STARLIGHT UI.

Saber's Force Warrior is MLBB's 1st ever Starlight skin (released on 2016) and he will also be graciously debuting as the 1st STARLIGHT skin hero for the revamped STARLIGHT UI.

Notice⚠️ Only the month's STARLIGHT Skin will be on sale after the revamped STARLIGHT UI is released.

Example : Only Saber's Iron Hound and it's painted version will be on sale this February.

Remember gamers just 300 dias💎


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