PS5 Pro revealed!

Jan 27

Although PS5 was released two years ago, foreign media have recently reported that Sony is creating PS5 Pro.

Sony will release PS5 Pro in April, which will feature an AMD chipset and a liquid cooling system to prevent the body from overheating during gameplay.

Due to the addition of a liquid cooling cooling system, the PS5 Pro's appearance will also differ from that of the present PS5, however there are no other specifics regarding its exposure.

In addition, it is anticipated that the PS5 Pro would support 2160P and deliver 120Hz frame rate, allowing it to run games at 8K resolution effortlessly.

It is anticipated that the PS5 Pro will enable ray tracing, rendering technology, reconstruction technology, and other capabilities.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Ltd. president Jim Rayn will assure sufficient PS5 supply at CES 2023 based on the console's success. PS5 has long been well-liked among gamers, but it was initially difficult to obtain. As of November 2022, 25 million PS5 units have been shipped.

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