Transfer Rumours #10 Newbies

Jan 27 · Moderator

With rumours surrounding that there will be 2 import players in this PMPL, many has wondered who will be those players and which team will they enter.

Previously I already predicted that Dinosaurs from GeekFam ID will join MY scene,while that has not been confirmed, it is a good guess as they're from same organization.

Now then, Newbies is who I think will be transferred to Crit VIP. He is a player from Brunei who performed brilliantly in the last IESF Bali 2022 getting their country a Top 2 Finish overall. With Crit being a Brunei eSports team, it would not be weird to see this world class player enter the pro scene for the first time.

Will this be the secret card Crit VIP will release for this PMPL?

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