What?! Edith is getting what?!

Frenzy Official
Jan 27

Shocking reveal on the Revamped Starlight's exclusive Chests!!!

Check pictures for details👹


Apart from all of these amazing new chests there is also something that I find very interesting...

On the Past Starlight Skin Chest, we can see Nana & Tigreal's Starlight skin portrait and on the right side of Galactic Marshall is a new portrait of a green haired girl.

She seems similar to Edith's skin survey design a bit to much.

Zoomed picture of the portrait.

I've tried to sharpen the zoomed picture... What do you think about it?

The survey that I've mentioned before, does this mean that Edith is going to get this year's STARLIGHT skin?
The design's theme : Mojia Mecha

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