New 8 Mythic Items are coming in PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Jan 28

To spice up the player's battle royale experience, Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) introduces numerous new outfits, such as Ultimate, Mythic, legendary, and epic. These clothes have become extremely popular among players. This article ranks the top ten Mythic Outfits in PUBG based on how rare they are in the game, with some skins being so rare that only ten or twenty players have them.

4 new Mythic outfits are coming soon there are going to be unique because they will have emote with them which will be amazing emote and Mythic headcover and mask so they be total 8 Mythic iteam.

Following will be the our next Mythic in PUBG Mobile:

1) Ascendent Agent Mask

2) Ascendent Agent Cover

3) Ascendent Agent Set with emote

4) Mystic Venteran Cover

5) Mystic Venteran Set with emote

6) Symphonic Solace Cover

7) Symphonic Solace Set with emote

8) Blazetech Patrol Cover

9) Blazetech Patrol Set with emote

What you think which one is going to be your favorite? Comment below

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