M5 Hero Skin Vote Counts for 29th January 2023

Frenzy Official
Jan 29

M5 Hero Skin Voting : As far as we know

.1 Yu Zhong is still leading with 66 million votes

.2 Gusion has 52 million votes

.3 Wan Wan has suddenly leaped to 3rd Place after gaining 41 million votes

.4 Lesley at last place after gaining 2 million more votes than Zilo

This is current result of our votes, looking at this statistics we can predict that Zilong need at least 3-4 million more votes to get a place on the Semi Final.

Wonder how it came to this👹?
Personally I hope YZ will get M5 (InsyaAllah)

Anyway picture credit to ML Daily - Mobile Legends
Thanks ML Daily👹


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