Microsoft to invest billions in OpenAI,

Jan 29

Microsoft has announced a multi-year, billions dollar investment in AI as it expands its cooperation with OpenAI.

OpenAI created Dall-E and ChatGPT.

Microsoft invested $1bn (£808m) in the Elon Musk and Sam Altman-founded startup in 2019.

Microsoft expects up to 10,000 layoffs but will hire in strategic areas.

"The next significant wave of computing is being born, with improvements in AI," Satya Nadella told colleagues last week.

The corporation stated AI would "affect at the magnitude of the personal computer, the internet, mobile devices and the cloud" while announcing the extended relationship.

"Code Red"
OpenAI's ChatGPT answers questions persuasively.

The technology's promise to revolutionise numerous industries, including search, has been accompanied by speculation about its misuse, from helping students cheat to developing malware.

While Bing is less popular than Google, ChatGPT may threaten the market leader.

The New York Times said that Google declared a "code red" over concerns it may allow competitors to cut into its $149bn search business.

Google has kept some AI systems private.

Imagen's "ethical problems" prevented its release.

The web-scraped material could teach the machine "harmful preconceptions and representations," researchers warned.

Blue Skies
Microsoft pledged to "create trustworthy and safe AI systems and products".

It would leverage OpenAI "across our consumer and enterprise offerings".

ChatGPT, Dall-E, and GitHub Copilot are the company's products.

Microsoft stated Azure would power OpenAI.

Microsoft's announcement did not confirm claims that it would spend $10bn in OpenAI.

Source: Microsoft

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