No more EGG network on Astro

Rendang ayam25
Jan 31

Hmmmm ... No more EGG channel on Astro. As per it write on channel 800, E-sport will continue on channel 801 Astro Arena. For me sayanglah sebab kadang2 dah takde cerita sangat, akan layan juga EGG ni tengok orang main game. Lepas ni tak dapatlah dah. No Astro Arena 801 for Astro Njoi. Tak kuasa la pula nak pergi subscribe bulan2. And there actually no reason state on why they terminate 800 channel. By the way, thanks EGG yang pernah kadang2 menghilang rasa bosan. Btw korang perasan tak channel ni dah takde.

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