Vile Invander Supplies limited Offer: PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Feb 01

PUBG players, brace yourselves for the latest addition to the in-game supplies - the Vile Invader Supplies. The Vile Invader set includes of weapon, skins, and accessories to upgrade your gaming experience. The new Vile Invader P1911 is sure to be a fan favorite, with its sleek design. And the Vile Invader outfit with cover gives you to look good.

Spin of this pack is starting from 20 uc and will increase as number of spin increases.

Remember, these supplies are only available for a limited time, so be sure to get your hands on them while you still can.

Share your thoughts on the Vile Invader Supplies in the comments below! Let's hear your opinions on this latest addition to PUBG.

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