Thank You Apex Legends Mobile

Feb 02 · Moderator

Respawn entertainment in a post just now has made an announcement regarding the shutdown of Apex Legends Mobile server.

While it is painful to hear this, I was expecting this to happens as the quality control of the game after almost a year of it's release.

But the key reason of it cease of activities might just because of the competition in the segment, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

PUBG Mobile has been in Appstore and playstore since 2018, right on time when mobile gaming and device overall started to become powerful. It is now said that PUBGM is the golden benchmark for mobile performance test, if you can play PUBG Mobile on extreme on your phone, your device will last longer and have better performance.

Fortnite in the other hands,while needed to get downloaded on Epic games store themselves, still maintained their mobile platform despite less players on mobile and unavailable on iOS. This is because Fortnite is cross platform on all server which means you can play with friends on PCs and console. Making it relevant as the PC port still has a lot of fanbase.

While I personally has not play Apex Mobile, the review I heard about it is still subpar to this game,but I would like to thanks EA Games and respawn entertainment for making the effort to put this game into the mobile platform.

Thank you Apex Legends Mobile!

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