Daily Topic: Good healers recommendation to rank up

Feb 01

When I talk about healers, the first one that came to your mind should be Estes. However, I think that he’s not that good because he lacks the ability to help his teammates that are far away from him.

To compensate his weakness, I would like to recommend Floryn to you all. Floryn is a hero that can heal globally no matter where you are. With the ultimate CDR build, she can heal and make the team’s hp full in just a second. Moreover, she has a stun skill while Estes doesn’t.

The second hero that I would love to recommend is Angela. Angela’s heal is not as good as floryn but she can be very annoying if played correctly. When she uses her ulti, she can stick to her teammates and use her skills freely. She could also immobilize enemies, which is more powerful than Estes’ slow effect.

The 2 girls get banned rarely but Estes is banned frequently. To me, these 2 healers are extremely underrated. In case there are a tanky jungler or exp laner in your team, these 2 should be a good choice. What do you think about them? Tell me in the comments section!

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