FUT Esports Unveils its New Roster for PMPL Turkey in PUBGM

Rendang daging26
Feb 02

Get ready to cheer on your favorite team, because FUTEsports has just announced its new roster for the upcoming PMPL Turkey! 🔥 With players from both ex-Supmass and S2gespor, this team is set to dominate the competition.

We know you've been eagerly waiting for this moment and we miss you a lot! Our team is ready and raring to go, so let's show everyone what we're made of. Get ready for an unforgettable season in the PUBGMobile arena!

What are your thoughts on the new roster for FUT Esports in the upcoming PMPL Turkey tournament in PUBG Mobile? Who do you think will be the standout player on this team?

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