Rise of Cambodian teams 🇰🇭👀 | 2023 PMNC KH

Feb 02

As the 2023 PMPL SEA Wildcard approaches, qualifiers were needed for two nations to send their best teams into the pro league. Their last iteration of PMNC in 2022 was held to seed their teams for APAC Cup back in Fall that sent their teams to PMPL SEA Play-in before. One of those two nations is Cambodia, and this is the overview report of PUBG Mobile National Championship Cambodia (PMNC KH) 2023!

The PMNC KH began with registrations from Jan 17th - 22nd, 2023 and immediately followed with the Qualifiers, consisting of two rounds on Jan 25th (Ro320) for Round 1 where the Top 4 from each of 16 groups advanced to Round 2 on Jan 26th (Ro32) where the best 4 teams of each 4 groups advanced into the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals took place on Jan 28th - 29th and saw the great Khmer battle in 12 matches for the $3,000 USD total prizepool and 5 prestigious slots to 2023 PMPL SEA Wildcard! Yeah, prizepool is not much for this tournament since its main motive is to seed teams to PMPL.

Kill Enemy (KE) emerged as the grand champion with 166 total points, bringing home a $1,300 USD prize with them. The other 4 teams that made it to PMPL are OSJA Esports (141pts), TheX Esports (93pts), APG Esports (85pts) and Five of Dangers (77pts). These are the 5 teams that will represent Cambodia in the upcoming PMPL SEA Wildcard 🔥

Next post will be the final PMNC; Myanmar.

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Esports Cambodia)

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