MLBB's 4th Skin Design Competition

Frenzy Official
Feb 02

MLBB's Events : Skin Design Competition

Last year Odette was chosen as the model for the 3rd MLBB's Skin Design Competition aka Project Create.

Odette's upcoming Project Create skin are expected to be released in this April.

Who will be the next hero to be the next Project Create's model?
(Join the the vote now in our page Frenzy Official @FB)

I've tried to post the link but it won't work so if you want to vote in the event then you can use the link we have provided in our Facebook page and other similar FB page.

Voting ends: February 9, 2023


This is our FB page : FrenzyOfficial

You guys can also vote using the link provided by this page here Dual Blade Gamerz, this is NOT our FB page but it is one of the most trusted ones in Malaysia so that you won't have to worry about the link's safety.

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