Neon Assassin's Power New Spin In PubgM

Kaya toast4887
Feb 03

PUBG Mobile introduces numerous new outfits, such as Ultimate, Mythic Set. These clothes have become extremely popular among players.

4 new Mythic outfits are available now there are going to be unique because they will have emote with them which will be amazing emote and Mythic headcover and mask so they be total 8 Mythic items.

One Is Ascendent Agent Set With Ascendent Agent Cover And Ascendent Agent Mask with Also emote 2nd Mythic is Mystic Venteran Set With Mystic Venteran Cover And emote Also in it. 3rd Mythic is Symphonic Solace Set With Symphonic Solace Cover with emote Also 4th Mythic Blazetech Patrol Set With Blazetech Patrol Cover And emote Also in it.

What is Your Favorite item In This New Neon Assassin's Power Spin. Share Your Feedback In Comments Section Below. Thank You😊

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