Daily Topic : How to counter Estes in current patch?

Feb 03

Lets talk about how to fight Estes in current patch and meta as this hero is one of the strong point hero of Team Blacklist International in M4 World Championship. Also one of their key hero to make into the Final.

As we know, this hero is hard to fight in teamfight as his heal totally can change the tide of war. With his Blessing of Moon Goddess (Ultimate) that can heal all of his nearby teammate and will enchanced the Moonlight Immersion (1st skill) heal. Estes also a good map vision opener with his Domain of Moon Goddess (2nd skill) that can slow and also reveal any enemy inside the skill. Even in bushes.

So how we going to counter Estes?

Here are 3 heroes that I recommend to use when against Estes.

1. Luo Yi

Yes, Luo Yi will come up on top of the list and are one of the Hard Counter for Estes due to Luo Yi passive skill Duality that takes effect when Yin and Yang Reaction occurs, making those who get marked by Luo Yi Dispersion skill (1st skill) and mixed with Rotation (2nd skill) making the enemy marked pull towards each other and get stunned for 1 sec. Since Estes need to get close to his teammate to heal, Luo Yi passive will easily trigger on the enemy and make those reaction, having huge damage thus making it harder to get close to Estes especially in teamfight.

2. Jawhead

Jawhead also a good counter for Estes due to his Ejector skill (2nd skill). He can kidnap Estes by throwing him out of position and burst him down with his teammate or kidnap any of Estes allies, making them far enough to recieve heal from Estes. So if you are a good in catching heroes, Jawhead should be the most recommended one for you to fight Estes.

3. Ling

If you looking for Assassin to fight Estes, then Ling is the best choice as he have huge damage if comes to taking down squishy cores and supports. With his Tempest of Blades (Ultimate) that makes him invisible for 1.5 sec and knock airborne in the center area upon impact for 1 sec and creating Sword Field area that summon 4 sword at the edge of the field, he can unleash his combo Defiant Sword (2nd skill) up to 4 time when touching the summoned sword. Making huge damage on those unfortunate enemies inside the ring, especially Estes that requires to get close to his allies to heal.

Bonus tips

As we mention before, there are items that must have in order to reduce Estes healing effect such as Dominance Ice, Necklace of Durance and Sea Harberd. Especially mage or tanky Exp Lane that heavily relies on these items.

So here are the 3 hero that I recommend to use when against Estes. Got more heroes that you want to suggest? Or is there a tactics to handle teamfight against Estes? Let us know the comment down below.

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