Dominate the Erangle Map with this Killer Camping Spot 🔥

Malik hanzla
Feb 04

Attention all PUBG Mobile players! 🎮 Get ready to level up your gameplay with this amazing new camping spot on the Erangle map. Located near the military bridge and ferry pier, this location is the perfect place for anyone looking to rack up some easy kills and increase their chances of survival. The military and ferry enemies rotate around this area, making it easier for you to take them down. And, with the height advantage, you'll have the upper hand in every battle. But that's not all - if you have a silent weapon like the VSS or UMP with a suppressor, you can really troll your enemies and create some epic video content for social media. So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to dominate the Erangle map with this new camping spot

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