Google will launch an AI-related product on 8th of February!

Feb 05

ChatGPT came out of nowhere, and its powerful AI capabilities have sparked a lot of discussion, and is a direct threat to the position of Google, the number one search engine, and Google will soon hold an event in Paris on February 8, which seems to launch new products related to search and AI.

We can see Google on YouTube's live page; the time is February 8 at 9:30 p.m. We don't know much about this activity; we only know that it will be launched with search, maps, and other related things. From the live background screen, we can also see translation, shopping, Google Lens, and other icons. It is believed that this event will focus on the search field.

In fact, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai said publicly not long ago that they will launch a language model that allows you to "interact directly", and the so-called language model refers to AI tools like ChatGPT.

For Google, the popularity of ChatGPT is not optimistic, strong language understanding, information integration and interactive capabilities are potential factors that ChatGPT can surpass Google's existing search engine. In addition, Microsoft is also in contact with Open AI, wanting to integrate ChatGPT more into their own products, more or less, using this to enhance the competitiveness of their own products.

They also have rich experience in AI development. Just like the MusicLM not long ago, as long as you provide text narration or pictures, you can let AI compose music, which seems different from ChatGPT, but the two are still very similar in terms of the principle of working with natural language in the human world. So Google's February 8 release is definitely worth looking forward to.

If you still don't know much about ChatGPT, you can check out the ChatGPT article I wrote earlier to learn more about this AI tool that has created a lot of buzz!

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