Netflix has prohibited the sharing of passwords from April!

Feb 05

Netflix announced last October that it would crack down on password sharing, including testing a model that would require additional fees for shared accounts, and in December it confirmed that it would begin limiting "shared passwords" for home sharing users in the first quarter of 2023, charging additional fees to non-residents to increase profitability.
In addition to the crackdown on password sharing, sources say Netflix will also implement a ban on account sharing.

Netflix will use IP addresses, device identifiers, and account activity associated with the device used to log in to the Netflix account to determine if the user lives together.

Netflix sharing account passwords
Anyone who uses the primary account owner's home network connection for Netflix viewing decorations will be defined as a "co-resident" and will not be required to pay additional fees or be verified. Conversely, if the user does not want to pay an additional fee but is detected as a non-resident on the device, Netflix will require verification on the device to prevent the user from sharing their account password.

When verification is performed, Netflix will send the verification code to the primary account owner's cell phone or email. The user will then have 15 minutes to enter the code on the device that requires authentication.

In response, Netflix says that in order to remain a live-in user, the primary user must connect to the Wi-Fi where they live and open the Netflix website or app at least once every 31 days so that they do not have to authenticate. As for travel, Netflix says that as long as the primary account owner or co-resident is a Netflix user, there is usually no verification required to use the service.

Netflix has recently implemented various restrictions and crackdowns on password sharing, in addition to layoffs, downsizing and other cost-cutting measures after its annual market value was cut in half.
I wonder if Netflix subscribers will be affected by this measure? Or are you satisfied with Netflix's crackdown on such measures, welcome to share your thoughts with me in the comments section!

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