China's PEL roadmap for 2023 🇨🇳🏆

Feb 06

Apart from our own PMPL as well as in other regions that will soon begin for the Spring Split, let's first take a look at China's top PUBG Mobile league; the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL)!

As a starter information, PUBG Mobile is known as 'Peacekeeper Elite' in China and thus uses a separate app which is slightly different to the global version and have different features and updates. Since the game version is entirely different, its esports scene is also different. As everyone have known, PUBG Mobile is created by Tencent Games which is from China, thus making Peacekeeper Eite and its esports much more prestigious (as it is franchised)!

Recently, the above image was posted on Weibo - denoting that PEL is returning for 2023 Spring Split. But furthermore, this image actually also shows the roadmap for the whole of China's PUBG Mobile events this year.

Starting with 2023 PEL Spring that will begin on February 9th to April 22nd and will feature 20 teams with a yet-to-be-announced prizepool (based on previous seasons, it could be around $4,000,000 USD). Then, the timeline of events continue with;
- 2023 PEL Summer in May-August
- 2023 World Invitational in July
- PEL's PMGC Qualifier in August
- 2022 Asian Games in September-October
- 2023 PMGC in November-December
- All-Star Weekend in December

Very huge news for PUBG Mobile in China 🔥

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