Feb 13

After a long break, it's finally back! Now standing alone (split from Singapore and Philippines), PMPL MALAYSIA returns for its 7th season for the 2023 SPRING SPLIT!

Looks like the theme for 2023 PMPL MY Spring (as well as ID & TH) is 'futuristic' based on the artwork design above. If you remember, this artwork design is actually reused from PMPL SEA S4 back in 2021. Is Level Infinite getting lazier with the designs or something?

This season also comes with an all new format: Firstly, the entire event will be running entirely in a 2-weeks Group Stage format instead of a 3-week League + 3-days Finals from previous seasons. In terms of prizepool, the event will feature a total prizepool of $80,000 USD (≃ RM 340,600 MYR) from a $150,000 previously to cater for a 2-week event. The league will run from Feb 15th to 26th, 2023!

To spice things around, 20 teams will be randomly grouped into 5 groups of 4 in the first week. Then, based on their final placements of Week 1, they will be assigned according to the group draw rules as in the graphic above. After 2 weeks, we will know the overall standings- and based on inside sources, an unknown number of top teams will advance into the PUBG Mobile Super League, which replaces the PMPL SEA Championship due to franchise/partnership format implementation.

How do you think these format changes are? Personally if you ask me, it does look like its going downhill and many netizens have expressed their feelings on this, but probably this is because of the franchise/partnership idea for the whole of Southeast Asia as other country leagues also are being affected with this 'downgrade'. But anyway we'll have to wait and see what KRAFTON/Level Infinite have in their mind.

Who will Be The #1? #IniLigaKita

(Photos: PUBG MOBILE Esports Malaysia)

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